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ST MONICA SCHOOL A GREAT HOPE OF THE MANY: St Monica English Medium School is a humble and notable institution which was established on 1st June 2003 in Kumbla which is 10 KM away from Kasaragod, Kerala. Children from different villages flock together every day as one family and enjoy the day in learning . The mission of the school is to provide students quality independent education that focuses on engaging and active learning and all round development of students because the motto of the school is ' planted to bloom' . Parents are proud to send their children to our school. Nurturing children's social and emotional needs, intellectual curiosity, creativity and capacity of critical thinking along with advanced academic skills to promote a harmonious development of the children. The different activities are conducted for intellectual and holistic development of the children. The school respects all religions and celebrates all festivals in a respective manner. May God bless all our endeavor to bring great light in the lives of younger generations.

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